Ice Sliding Coaching Experience


The Experience of a lifetime

Experience ice slide handling coaching techniques close to the Arctic Circle strapped into a studded tyre rally bread car with a very passionate experienced crew

About Ice Sliding Option One £2295.00:

Welcome to the paradise of the winter drifters. Experience in our weekend training exciting winter drifting exercises, new vehicles and the breathtaking scenery of Swedish Lapland. Our specially developed training concept in coordination with a nice supporting program will make this weekend an unforgettable experience. Be there!

The course

Specially for the this training a lake is prepared near the small town of Malå, embedded in the endless expanse and natural scenery of Swedish Lapland.
We designed and developed our rally course and our ice tracks ourselves. Always with the claim to offer you the perfect driving experience.

The Flow:

  • Friday. Flight/travel from your preferred departure point and transfer Arvidsjaur-Malå, 3 hours ice-training and dinner at the hotel
  • Saturday. Full ice training with lunch in the Swedish tepee and experience dinner Salmon barbecue on the mountain in a traditional Swedish wooden hut with a unique view of Malå
  • Sunday. Ice training with lunch in the Swedish tepee and dinner in the hotel, rally night training with special stage
  • Monday . Morning at leisure, transfer to your departure location (where required) then your journey home if you so wish.

About Ice Sliding Option Two £2695.00 (Advanced):

More winter drift is not possible. In our intensive training you will experience more than 18 exciting winter drift exercises in the new Subaru WRX STI MJ18. Drift on perfectly prepared, 8 km long Ice Tracks in the breathtaking scenery of Swedish Lapland. Combine a unique nature experience and a driving experience of the master class!

The vehicles

Get off at one – in one of our new Subaru WRX STI MJ18 with 300 hp or a Seat Leon Cupra 300 all-wheel drive and differential locks, equipped with 1,600 handverklebten spikes on each vehicle. A driving experience that you will not forget so fast…..

The Flow:

  • Monday. Flight/travel from your departure point and transfer Arvidsjaur-Malå, 3 hours ice-training and dinner at the hotel
  • Tuesday. Continuous intensive ice training with typical Swedish lunch in the tipi and 3-course menu in the hotel
  • Wednesday . Morning ice training and rally taxi, afternoon transfer and return journey home if you so wish.

2021 Dates

Ice Sliding Option One:

  • 12-15 February 2021
  • 19-22 February 2021
  • 26-01 Feb/Mar 2021

Ice Sliding Option Two:

  • 15-17 February 2021

What’s included

  • Theory unit and briefing with professional instructors in the hotel
  • Drift technique in the all-wheel drive: over 18 sporty dynamic exercises, including load change slalom, drifting and repositioning, double-occupied vehicles
  • Driving dynamics training, tempo and timing on the Ice Tracks
  • Refining the driving technique and competition with winner’s trophy
  • Self drive of the rally course at night on own rally track
  • Rally taxi in the bespikten WRX STI depending on track conditions
  • Transfer Arvidsjaur-Malå-Arvidsjaur Airport
  • Training location incl. Preparation and salvage
  • Vehicles (Subaru WRX STI MJ18) incl. Fuel, equipped with 1600 hand-glued spikes, vehicles double-manned
  • 3 coaches, radios, means and equipment
  • Theory unit and briefing
  • Small groups with max. 14 participants
  • over 8km ice tracks with rally course, 120m circle area
  • Competition with winner’s cup and certificate
  • Traditional Swedish lunch menu in tepee
  • Experience dinner Salmon barbecue on the mountain in a traditional Swedish wooden hut with a unique view of Malå (“Tjamstanbackarna Malå”)
  • On top, you will receive a Snowmobile Tour worth £185 with your ice sliding hosts…..

What’s NOT included

  • Travel to and from Sweden
  • Travel insurance
  • Accommodation, drink and Food at the Hotel
  • Anything that is not included in included
  • We can help with travel arrangements (we are not a tour operator, hence we can not offer a complete package as a package)

We can arrange the following for you at additional cost(s):

  • Ice fishing on the lake
  • Dog Sled Tour
  • Snowmobile Tour
  • Visit a reindeer farm
  • Snowshoeing
  • cross-country skiing