From novice to expert or those simply looking for more speed and consistency from their track driving.


It all starts with the mind, the power of it, is all there to be unleashed in pursuit of the highest state! Becoming more self-aware is the top step!


Keeping velocity is the key to obtaining the highest average speed; braking is everything!

Track Position

Finding the shortest and least resistance lines pave the way to the glory of the day!

Driver/Individual Development


This all starts with the mind, to develop one’s mind and become more self-aware is the key to any successful outcome in any walk of life. This can be achieved through some life coaching techniques; becoming more self-aware can bring high level results; this can be achieved party through combining awareness of one’s body and mind using ancient practices such as Yoga and self-meditation,. This helps the removal of negative energy before commencing any task, especially where 100% concentration and effort is required.

By balancing the emotional with the logical state of the mind and body ones true potential can be realised. The logical should not be biased by the emotional state to reach the ultimate enlightenment!


Malcolm Marshall

When I was at Nurburg I was lucky enough to do a lap, sat along side Scott Marshall - what a lap! His car control and preciseness was outstanding, so fast it was a fantastic lap 9min in a Ford fiesta ST with 4 people in the car. Thanks Scott it was such a WOW!

Malcolm Marshall
John Dry

Scott has a genuine passion for racing and sharing his experience, which is very apparent in his friendly and helpful instruction.

John Dry
By Rob Coomes

One of the most incredible experiences I have had in a car, a few passenger laps around Silverstone showed me how visceral an environment the racing driver is exposed to. The time flew by but the memory lingers long after the event, highly recommended.

By Rob Coomes
By Joe Hirth

It was my first trip to the Nurburgring and Scott had prepped me by saying it (going in a race car) was going to be very different from anything else I'd ever done before. He wasn't wrong. The whole build up was fantastic, meeting the team that were supporting the car and the getting to see the underpinnings of what goes on in the garages was mind blowing. The team, although very busy, had plenty of time to answer the questions I had about the car, it's components and set up.
I got kitted up and the team shouted to be to get my helmet on, it was quite some rush as the car comes flying into the pit lane at speeds which kill any pedestrian on the road. I fumbled around trying to get into the car, over the roll cage and in the bucket seat. A couple of seconds later the team strapped me in and away we went.
The acceleration; oh the acceleration...out of the pit lane and on to the last piece of straight before a tight right hander, I was already in awe of this machine and the driver. We hadn't even turned at this point. All the noises, gearbox whine, race engine hanging over the rear wheels and fully strapped into a racing car is like nothing else you can experience. I thought that maybe I would become used to this feeling but then another corner came, a high speed right hander, I couldn't believe it, no braking....no braking, bang the brakes and turn in. The car just stuck, my head didn't, I was being thrown around like a rag doll because I wasn't expecting the lateral G forces to be quite as intense as they were.
A few minutes later I get back into reality, jump out of the car and thank Scott for the ride of a lifetime.
Highly recommended experience for anyone interested!

By Joe Hirth
Roger Tarrant

Recently spent a very enjoyable weekend with Scott at the Nurburgring - he was racing a 550hp Porsche. I have known Scott for about 3 years but this was the first time I had seen him racing and wow, this boy is quick! Scott is a quietly spoken, very laid back kind-of-guy - very fit and easy to get on with. Having watched him racing and being driven round the Ring for a couple of laps in a very quick Fiesta over-taking much faster race cars I was very impressed. So would I recommend Scott to any one thinking of taking up racing or just learning how to get the best out of there own car at a track day? Absolutely yes! He is very passionate, patient, easy to get on with petrol-head who just loves anything to do with sport.

Roger Tarrant

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In the summer I spent a truly memorable day at Silverstone in my 964RS being coached by Scott. When he initially asked me what I wanted to achieve, I told him that I wanted to be able to drive the car home at the end of the day...which I duly did with a very wide smile on my face. I've done track days before but the focus normally has been on getting on track without really understanding the principles of car control, weight distribution and braking. Being able to immediately tap into Scott's considerable racing experience in a variety of cars was a privilege from which I learnt a lot. Being able to focus on the aspects that I wanted to improve made it feel very much 'my day'. Scott's calm influence in the car really helped me to deal with the pressures on track. All in all it was a great day and...he's a thoroughly nice, approachable guy!

Simon Tanner